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Award-winning science materials for the inquiring minds of middle school students.

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 Event-Based Science (EBS) is a middle school science curriculum based on actual events and real-world problems. It is an award-winning, research-based program in which newsworthy events establish the relevance of science topics. Authentic tasks create the need for students to learn more about those topics, and Discovery Files, interviews, photographs, Web pages, and scenario-based investigations provide the information students need.

The result is meaningful, engaged learning for your students.

The Event-Based Science Project has been supported by grants from National Science Foundation and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration , and published by Pearson Education . EBS is recommended by the National Science Teachers Association , the US Department of Education , and many other organizations.

Buying   Event-Based Science Modules

VHS No Longer Required

Since Event-Based Science modules were first introduced (1995) they have relied on VHS tapes to provide the HOOK that connected science to the real-world. But over the years, the VHS format has become less and less available. We have met that challenge by including on each module-dedicated page a suitable replacement video from YouTube. Please use the video that you will find near the bottom of each EBS page to introduce the unit. (If your school blocks YouTube, you can capture videos at home using KEEPVID.)

Earth Science

Asteroid!, Earthquake!, Flood!, Global Warming?, Gold Rush!, Hurricane!, Oil Spill!, Tornado!, Toxic Leak!, Volcano!

Life Science

Gold Medal!, Outbreak!, Blight!, Survive?

Physical Science

Thrill Ride!, First Flight!, Fraud!, Blackout!, Fire!

A Painless Way to Support Our Work

Now you can support this website by using it as your portal to Amazon.com.  When you go to Amazon.com from our site, a small percentage of every purchase you make flows directly to the EBS Institute. We will be featuring educational books that support the work of the Event-Based Science Project, as well as science trade books that supplement our modules. Visit the EBS Store to see more products or our Teacher Gift Store to buy a present for your favorite science teacher.. (Please continue to purchase Event-Based Science modules directly from Pearson on their online catalog.)

Rickey Henderson - USA Today

Event-Based Science Institute Presents

"Cover Your Bases"

The Event-Based Science Institute has produced 15 science and math activities for use free in middle school classes.

The activities use baseball as their real-world context. The Story found in each activity is true. It tells about real things that happen to real baseball and softball players. From the context of The Story flows a challenging task that requires students to design and conduct an experiment or use a mathematics concept.

This is the Total Engagement Learning System in action---the exciting new teaching-for-understanding technique that has been developed by the EBS Institute.

Check them out here.

The activities found in Cover Your Bases were created with a generous grant from the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation using funds obtained from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention of the U.S. Department of Justice. Cover Your Bases activities are intended for the use of science and mathematics teachers in both public and private schools.


EBS Recognized by US Department of Education

In January 2001, the Event-Based Science Program was recognized by the US Department of Education's Mathematics and Science Education Expert Panel as a promising science program. EBS was one of only nine science programs selected for national recognition. It was one of only four programs that cover the important middle school years. The Expert Panel Report is temporarily unavailable..

This material is based on work supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed on these pages are those of the Event-Based Science Project and do not necessarily reflect the views of NSF or NASA.

Through this home page, you will learn more about the Event-Based Science Project, and link to sites that support EBS units.

We will also, from time to time, post other outstanding science sites, whether or not they are currently related to Event-Based Science modules. Try this site for example:

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