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Event-Based Science works!

In 2001, EBS was one of only 4 middle school programs to receive the endorsement of the US Department of Education's Expert Panel on Mathematics and Science Education.

Here is a quote from their report:

Program Quality. Reviewers found the program's learning goals to be challenging, appropriate, and clearly stated in the teacher and student editions. EBS modules contain appropriate content and provide students with other types of skills that contribute to life-long learning, such as responsibility, organization, cooperation, and communication skills. The modules are designed to promote student understanding of and development of scientific inquiry. For example, students create their own questions and experiments; collect, analyze and interpret data; draw conclusions and present information to an audience; and reflect and correct areas in need of more development. The real-world content and instructional design as presented through multiple opportunities, consistent with national science standards, enhances and promotes learning of the identified concepts  in an active and engaging environment. The modules grab students' interest, elicit their ideas, and provide the context for learning opportunities that are ultimately demonstrated through a highly engaging performance task. The social constructivist pedagogy used for the group work and the authentic performance assessments are strengths of the program.

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