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Oil Spill!

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Volcano! Remote-Sensing Activities


If you are working on the Event-Based Science module called Volcano!, this page is for you. It takes you to a remote-sensing activity that will help you with the Task.

  • Volcano! Activity provides Landsat images from NASA that will help you select the best route for a road that will allow the residents of Orting, WA to escape before a mudflow from Mt. Rainier covers their town.
If you you would like to try this activity with your students, we want to hear from you. Please print out, complete, and return an evaluation form.

Below is a Landsat images of the Orting, Washington area with elevation data (blue lines) added.

Orting, WA region


Event-Based Science Project

Volcano! Activity

Information for teachers interested in testing EBS-based remote-sensing activities

Principal Investigators
Russell G. Wright (EBSII)
Dorothy K. Hall (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)

Teacher Advisors (MCPS)
Susan Buffington

Nancy Carey
Cynthia Carlson
Elaine Chang
John Leck
Donna Matthews
Frank Weisel

Science and Visualization Advisors (NASA/GSFC
Janet Y. L. Chien

Landsat Images Courtesy NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Student Consultants
(John Poole Middle School, Poolesville, MD) John Maas, Caitlin McCarthy, Bobby Ouellette, Matt Wolverton, Justin Robillard, Maureen DuVall, Rachel Carr, Kristina Benson, Alexander Eames, Ben Baird, Reuben Goetzl, Alex Kreiser


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