Field-Testers Needed


The Event-Based Science Project
Needs Teachers to Test Remote-Sensing Activities

Are you already using Event-Based Science modules? Would you like to help the Event-Based Science Project by testing NASA-funded, remote-sensing activities for one or more of these EBS units: Flood!, Oil Spill!, Fire!, Volcano!, Blight!, Gold Rush!, Hurricane!, and Earthquake!? Contact us for details:

Event-Based Science Project
Montgomery County Public Schools
850 Hungerford Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
1-301-279-3153 (fax)


If you you would like to try any of our remote-sensing activities with your students, we want to hear from you. Please print out, complete, and return an evaluation form for each activity you use.



Event-Based Science Project

Information for teachers interested in testing EBS-based remote-sensing activities

Principal Investigators
Russell G. Wright (EBSII)
Dorothy K. Hall (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)

Teacher Advisors (Montgomery County Public Schools )
Nancy Carey
Cynthia Carlson
Elaine Chang
John Leck
Donna Matthews
Frank Weisel

Science and Visualization Advisors
Janet Y. L. Chen
Carla Evans
David Herring
Rich Kleidman
Paul Lowman
Brian Montgomery
Andrew Negri
Ross Nelson
Lorraine Remer
Marshall Shepherd

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