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Adaptations for Special Needs Students

As with all Event-Based Science books, Hurricane! has been designed to challenge students, to encourage them to rise to the demands of real-world problems. But what do you do if you have students who are already challenged? And what do you do if these students are mainstreamed into your regular classes?

For starters we have selected the roles of Reporter and Natural Hazards Planner to be the ones that receive additional support. The worksheets found on the links below were developed by Special Education teacher, Mary E. Reese (Farquhar Middle School, Olney, Maryland) for use with your Special Needs Reporters or Natural Hazards Planners.

Although these materials are copyrighted by the Event-Based Science Proejct, we hereby grant permission for you to print them for the use described above.

Links to Worksheets

  1. Hurricane! Interview Form (Reporter)
  2. Hurricane! Creative News Story Form (Reporter)
  3. Hurricane! Damage Article Organizer (Reporter)
  4. Hurricane! Home Safety Management Plan (Natural Hazards Planner)
  5. Hurricane! Evacuation Plan (Natural Hazards Planner)
  6. Hurricane! Tips for Water Safety (Natural Hazards Planner)
  7. Hurricane! Damage Article Organizer (Natural Hazards Planner)

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