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Toxic Leak!

Teaching Suggestions From the Field

Toxic Leak! is laid out in a logical and tested sequence, but the following new sequence has been suggested by Anita Prince, certified EBS trainer.

Activity # 1 Mapping the Plume. (This activity is not included but is an easy addition.)

  • Have students use the map on page 12, and the letters from the Maryland State Department of the Environment to map the area of underground contamination.

Activity # 2 Above & Below

  • Conduct procedures 1-4 as written.

Activity # 3 Above & Below

  • Conduct procedures 5-7 as written

Activity # 4 Spaces in Places

  • Conduct as written.

Activity # 5 Wicked Wicking

  • Test this activity yourself. You may have a problem finding string that will really work. If you can't find a cotton string that works well enough, use a strip of paper toweling. A paper towel is guaranteed to work.

Activity # 6 A Day's Worth of Water

  • Anita suggests that this activity may be too difficult for 6th graders. A ready-made alternative will be added for your use.

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