Thrill Ride!

Thrill Ride!

Teaching Suggestions From the Field

Thrill Ride! has been thoroughly tested, and it works. But the following modification has been suggested by Margy Hall, certified EBS trainer.

The Thrill Ride! Science Activity called "Roller Derby," calls for students to make a slide-type thrill ride out of strips of cardboard (poster board, file folders, etc.). Margy Hall (Gaithersburg Middle School) suggests that a better material is 1/2-inch foam pipe insulation. One, six-foot piece of such insulation can be sliced lengthwise to make twelve-feet of trough for use in the activity.

The foam insulation can be used again and again with little or no damage. And it is inexpensive to begin with.


Ideas, suggestions, and hints were provided by participants and instructors in the Thrill Ride! session at the Research for Better Schools' NSF Curriculum Showcase, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Washington DC, July 25-27, 1999.

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